Purchase Orders

Eastern Costume Company will grant open accounts to customers once a credit application has been completed and company ratings are approved. For companies that are formed for a single production, open account status is not always available, unless the parent company has an existing account and will guarantee payment in writing.

Please fill out the following agreement and information sheets:

  • Production Information
  • Company Information and References
  • Rating Inquiry on Entertainment Account

REQUIRED: Please supply references that are from the entertainment industry only. Allow 5 to 7 business days for the final account status to be determined and note that most references will only furnish ratings via fax or mail.

A valid PO # must be provided before the rental wardrobe / props can be released.

A security deposit is required for the amount equal to the loss/damage value of the wardrobe/props being rented. If and insurance certificate has been provided listing Eastern Costume as a loss payee, a deposit equal to the deductable is required. (approval by management only) The deposit will be refunded once the property has been returned, and all invoices and loss/damage charges have been paid.

ONE-WEEK RENTALS: A deposit is required for the amount of the rental and the loss/damage replacement cost. For credit card deposits, the entire amount will be verified and a 14-day hold placed on the card. The hold will be released once the wardrobe has been returned and all invoices have been paid. If the wardrobe is not returned by the due date the card will be charged for the verified deposit amount.


We accept: credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), Business checks, money orders, and cashiers checks. PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED

Eastern Costume reserves the right to charge the customer/company the replacement value listed on the rental sheet. If the items are returned after the loss/damage fee has been charged we will credit the loss charges and bill the customer the outstanding rental fee. We reserve the right to accept or decline any replacement items in exchange for the lost or damaged property. Tailor shop labor, shopping and material cost on made-to-order or specialty items will be charged to duplicate any item. In case of theft of the rental property the customer must notify Eastern Costume with in 24 hours.