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Rental Policy

NEW ACCOUNT AND INFORMATION SHEETS: We require that your paperwork is completed, signed, and approved by our accounting department before any rentals will be written up and released.

DEPOSITS: Deposits must be made using a major credit card or company check. A deposit equal to replacement cost is required for any rental not charged to an in-house account. For credit card deposits, the entire amount will be verified and a 14 day hold placed on the card. The hold will be released once the wardrobe has been returned and all invoices have been paid. If the wardrobe is not returned by the due date the card will be charged for the verified deposit amount.


  • Weekly (10 days)
  • Production (15 weeks)

WEEKLY RENTALS are to be returned within 10 business days from the date of rental. All rental items kept past the initial 10-day period will be automatically re-billed at the Production Rental rate.

PRODUCTION RENTALS are to be returned within 15 weeks from the date of rental. All rental items kept past the initial 15-week period will be automatically billed 5% per week up to an additional 15 weeks.


Head Tailor: $45/hour
Made-to-Order: $45/hour
Alterations: $40/hour
Off-Site Fitting with Craftsperson: $85/hour
Pick-up and Delivery: $60/hour


In-house Costumer: $30/hour
Research: $60/hour
Overtime (after 8 hrs): 1.5 x hourly rate
Costume House Late/Early Open: $75/hour
Weekend Opening: $600/day + $460/In-house Costumer (8hr minimum)

HOLDS: No items may be placed on hold before your account has been set up and verified with our accounting department. Rentals may be placed on hold 5 days prior to pick up date and any hold item that is not rented will incur a 25% restocking charge. Rentals placed on hold upon return will incur a charge of 5% of the production rental rate per week for each week past the 15-week rental period. Wardrobe/ props will not be placed on hold without a release date. All holds are subject to approval by management.

MADE-TO-ORDER: A prepayment of 50% of the estimated cost is required on all made-to-order items prior to the beginning of work. The balance is due on delivery.

CLEANING: Wardrobe must be returned dry cleaned and unaltered. Any item(s) not returned clean will be charged a cleaning fee, payable upon return of rentals. Any damage to the wardrobe/props due to items added by the customer (e.g. patches with adhesive backing, Stitch Witchery, etc.) will result in loss/damage replacement fees. Vintage or specialty clothing is required to be cleaned at Peter's Magnolia Cleaners (West Hollywood), French Hand Laundry (Pasadena), or Priority 1 Costume Cleaners (Hollywood). If vintage clothing is damaged during the cleaning process you will be charged the replacement value stated on the rental sheet.

RETURNS: A copy of the rental sheet matching the item(s) must be attached to your return(s). Any item(s) not appropriately marked with a sheet and line number will be subject to costume house labor at $30.00 per hour. Please submit your returns in the appropriate manner as to avoid costume house labor charges.

LOSS AND DAMAGE: Eastern Costume reserves the right to charge the customer/company the replacement value listed on the rental sheet. If the items are returned after the loss / damage fee has been charged we will credit the loss charges and bill the customer the outstanding rental fee. We reserve the right to accept or decline any replacement items in exchange for the lost or damaged property. Tailor shop labor, shopping and material cost on made-to- order or specialty items will be charged to duplicate any item. In case of theft of the rental property the customer must notify Eastern Costume within 24 hours.

RENTAL PAYMENT: Business checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card), and money orders are accepted payment methods. (NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED). A $35.00 processing fee will be charged for any returned check.

OPEN ACCOUNTS: PO or Open Accounts are available on approved credit through our accounting department. (A Certificate of Insurance is required). A valid PO number must be provided before the rental wardrobe / props can be released.