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Master Tailor

Our team of professional seamstresses are headed by Mr. Gilberto Guzman, a Master Tailor with over 35 years of extensive experience working within the entertainment industry.


Custom Fittings and alterations are performed by Gilberto either in house or on location.


Our team of seamstresses have access to 25 machines to sew on patches or insignia quickly to meet tight deadlines.


Gilberto is one of Hollywood's last cutter/fitters. His abilities include draping and pattern making from designer costume sketches.

Made to Order/Tailoring

Nike Commercial Astronaut Suit

The Hurt Locker Bomb Suit

John Travolta  Private Flight Crew

Madonna Replica Vogue Gown

Indiana Jones Harrison Ford Shirt & Pants


Gilberto is reinforcing seams, boning, and snap closures on the infamous candy pink peau-d'ange gown, which was designed by Travilla and worn by Marilyn Monroe in "Gentleman Prefer Blondes".

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