Item # WWIIFRE001

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  • PERIOD: 1943 - 1945
  • HEADGEAR: French Adrian Helmet
  • JACKET: Model 1941 Field Jacket, U.S. issue
  • SHIRT: Flannel, OD (olive drab), U.S. issue
  • TROUSERS: Olive wool, U.S. issue
  • BELT: Belt, Trouser, khaki w/ black open face buckle, U.S. issue
  • LEGGINS: Leggins, Canvas, U.S. issue
  • BOOTS: Field Shoes (ankle boots) U.S. issue
  • FIELD GEAR: Consists of : M-1936 Suspenders, M-1923 Cartridge Belt, M-1910 Canteen and Cover, M-1942 First Aid Pouch, 10” Bayonet and Scabbard.


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