Item # MODUSMC012

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  • PERIOD: 1983 – Present Day
  • HEADGEAR: Frame Cap w/ EM cap device
  • JACKET: EM (Alpha) Service Coat
  • INSIGNIA: EM service collar insignias (left and right collar), Service Ribbons, Marksman badges, and shoulder sleeve chevrons.
  • SHIRT: khaki L-Sleeve “C” (Charlie) shirt w/ khaki Necktie and EM gold Necktie Clasp.
  • TROUSERS: (Alpha) Service Trousers
  • BELT: khaki web trouser belt w/ gold open faced buckle
  • SHOES: Black Oxfords

NOTES: EM and NCO ranks available PFC (Private First Class) to Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.


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